“Tamar of the River Astounds”… and Marisa and Joshua on the radio

The first review of Tamar of the River to hit the stands is an unqualified rave. It contains some hefty plot spoilers, so don’t click unless you’ve already seen the show, but here’s a sample:

For this piece you need highly trained singers who can move, act and sing gloriously and Tamar succeeds on all levels. A star is born here in the work of Margo Seibert as the young Tamar. After this production you will completely understand why a million dollar musical [Rocky] will bank on this unknown with no prior Broadway experience. This girl could sing the phone book and make you believe it was relevant, important and beautiful. She is touching, real and you never for once believe she is acting, she just is and it is refreshing…

Joshua H. Cohen’s book and lyrics are touching and well thought-out. In a world where morality seems to have vanished and peace a concept hardly practiced, this piece lights the way to discussion. Marisa Michelson’s music and book is haunting and ethereal…

Rarely do you see a piece that is so new and enchanting. This is a must see for musical theatre lovers.

– Suzanna Bowling, Times Square Chronicles

Also, Marisa and Joshua did an interview on The Frankie and Mia Show on City World Radio. To listen, from the CWR website, click on the big microphone, then on the folder with the music note, then on The Frankie and Mia Show for 10/1/13.

The press opening is tonight, so expect further updates soon.